Hall evacuation procedure - July 2014

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Annex No 5 Hall Evacuation Procedure
The following will be posted on the main notice board in the hall
Evacuation of the Hall in an Emergency
The chance of there being a major fire or other such incident in the hall, requiring emergency evacuation is remote but we must always be ready for such an eventuality. There are 4 main escape doors. Three in the hall itself and one in the corridor next to the kitchen. They are marked with green emergency exit signs and there is also external lighting to three of the doors at the rear of the building. There is also an Emergency Exit door in the Parish office. In addition the main entrance door can also be used. The following notes set out a simple procedure to be followed in the event of an evacuation of the hall.
On hearing the fire alarm evacuate the building by the nearest exit.

There are two overriding requirements if our evacuation procedure is to be effective.

Any person in the hall who knows the procedure for evacuation must immediately make sure that those around them are clear as to what they should do.
Ensure that once they are through the emergency exits or main door to safety that they keep moving away from the building so that those who are following can also get out to safety.
Once outside the building keep moving until you get to the gate and then turn right and make your way to the Memorial garden next door. Do not go onto
Burwood road as this might cause a traffic accident.
The Memorial garden is the designated assembly point for the hall evacuation.