Health and Safety Policy - Feb 2017

St Peter’s Hersham Parochial Church Council (HPCC)

Health and Safety Policy relating to hirers and users of the Church Hall


  1. HPCC has adopted a written Health & Safety Policy a copy of which is posted on the Church web site at

  2. Hirers and others users of this Church Hall are required to note and comply with the following Health & Safety provisions

    1. No portable electrical appliance is to brought into the church hall unless it has been tested and found safe by a competent electrician

    2. Upon arrival at the hall walk around the outside of the building to ensure that the fire exit doors- which are clearly marked as such – are free of rubbish and will permit efficient escape from the building

    3. Fire exits are clearly marked and exit routes and the location of fire fighting equipment should be noted prior to commencing any activities.

    4. Ensure that a fully charged mobile phone is available so that emergency services can be summoned if necessary

    5. Do not allow children into the kitchen at any time

    6. The gas main intake and turn off valve is in the cupboard in the disabled toilet; the electrical intake and main switchboard and main switch is to the right of the hall main front door


  3. The First Aid Box is on the windowsill in the kitchen. In the event of an accident of any kind please complete details in the Accident Book which is kept on the kitchen wall.

  4. If any fire is discovered:

    1. Immediately raise the alarm

    2. Telephone the emergency services

    3. Check the building for occupants if it is safe to do so

    4. Extinguish the fire if possible using the appliances provided, but without taking personal risk

    5. If it is not possible to extinguish the fire or if it is not clear which fire extinguisher to use, assist in the evacuation of the building, ensuring that all doors are closed behind you.

    6. Evacuate to The Memorial Garden which is the designated assembly point for the hall evacuation.

    7. Ensure clear access for emergency vehicles