Growing In The Faith

These are brief details about some of the opportunities for growing in the faith at St Peter's. Please contact the Parish Office or speak to a member of the clergy if you would like to know more.

One of the great strengths of St Peter’s is our enthusiasm for learning about the faith and its implications for the way we live our lives. The Christian Development Team endeavours to maintain an exciting programme of events appropriate for Christians at all stages of their journey of faith.

  • Every year we arrange Lent Study Groups which meet in people’s houses and over five or six weeks explore some aspect of our faith. The groups meet at varying times and days to meet the needs of the people attending.
  • Over the course of the year we hold a series of Discussion Evenings dealing with a wide range of topics. We meet in church at 8pm, listen to a talk, led by one or more of our Ministry Team or by an external speaker, and then break up into small groups for café-style discussions over refreshments. The evening ends with a pooling of thoughts and experience and a short time for prayer. 
  • Whenever the need arises, we organise "Getting Started", a series of learning and discussion sessions on the basics of the Christian faith.  Led by the Ministry Team, this course is suitable for people wishing to start exploring faith, as a refresher for people who have been active Christians for a number of years, or as preparation for becoming a full member of the Church through Confirmation. Through ten weekly sessions we explore:

    • The basics of the Christian faith and its relationship to daily life:
      • The reality of God
      • God's place in our lives
      • Jesus' life and ministry
      • Jesus' death and passion
      • Jesus' resurrection
      • God the Holy Spirit

    • What it means to be confirmed and to be part of a community of faith:
      • Baptism
      • Confirmation
      • Holy Communion
      • The Christian life

The programme is divided into two parts so that people considering Confirmation can start their explorations before making a firm commitment.

  • A similar programme is organised to enable younger people from (say school year 8 onwards) to prepare for Confirmation.
  • Many of our people are committed to regular daily reading of the Bible, and many structure their reading by using the Bible Reading Fellowship ‘New Daylight’ or ‘Guidelines’ Bible Reading Notes. If you would like to subscribe, contact Des or Anne-Marie Humphrey on 01932 231754.
  • For those wishing to to meet for study and fellowship throughout the year, we encourage the formation of Housegroups meeting on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. If you would like to join such a group contact Irene Scholes on 01932 259993.
  • Finally, we have a Reading Group which meets to explore literature from a Christian Perspective. If you feel this might be interesting contact Mary Stokes on 01932 248945

If you think you might be interested in any of the above, speak to Jonathan Andrew on 01372 479776 or e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Confirmation at St Peter's

At confirmation a young person or adult makes his or her own declaration of faith before God and the Church. Once confirmed, he or she is considered a full adult member of the church and is entitled to receive the bread and wine of Communion.

Before they can do this they naturally need to learn about Christianity. At St Peter’s we generally hold two sets of confirmation classes each autumn. One class is for youngsters (generally around 13 years old) and the other for adults (of any age). The classes usually meet every week for around 10 weeks. They are very informal, involving a mix of some formal teaching, and a great deal of discussion.

The classes lead up to the confirmation service which is usually held at St Peter's or St Mary's, Walton-on-Thames, in alternate years.

There is more information about confirmation on the Church of England web site.

If you are feeling that confirmation might be right for you please contact a member of the clergy.



We are also building a collection of stimulating books on religious themes to help church members of all ages develop their knowledge and spirituality. Members of the congregation are encouraged to borrow any book that interests them. We welcome recommendations of new titles for possible inclusion.

The list of books currents available is in the Library Catalogue