Support for Mission

This section contains information about how St Peter's supports mission work outside the parish. Also included are articles about the organisations that we support regularly.

Mission Policy

St Peter’s recognises that it is part of the world-wide church and that it has a responsibility to help with the work of the church in other, deprived, parts of the world. Hence it is the policy of St Peter’s to give regularly – prayer, money and manpower - to four Christian projects bringing relief to people in need – three of the projects being overseas and one in the UK (fairly close to Hersham).

The PCC budgets 12.5% of its income from members’ giving to go to these projects and to one-off appeals.

The job of the Mission Support Team is to select mission projects upon which St Peter’s will focus 90% of its giving. The Team maintains ongoing contact, being careful to make the relationships two-way. The Team holds regular prayer meetings reflecting the day to day needs of the projects. The Team also handles appeals that come in to the church during the year, organises special additional collections and publicises news of what is going on.

Youth With A Mission, Beira, Mozambique

Casa Reom Christmas appeal 2021
Please read the message from Casa Reom when you click the link and pray that this appeal will impact many people who are suffering in Beira.

A thankyou letter from Casa Reom  February 2021

An update from Casa Reom November 2020

Casa Re-om is one of the original links and remains important. Casa Re-om was founded by Pastor Bonga and two missionaries from YWAM to provide a safe place for street boys in Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique. Some years ago a new home was built in Inhamizua, a village 14 kms away from Beira and is now home to around 30 boys. Casa Reom Trust was founded by m2o church in Rugby and raises funds to improve the Inhamizua site. m2o arrange visits to Casa Reom and have offered to include members of St. Peter’s. If you are interested in going to Casa Reom please speak with Stephen Ind for further information.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Prayer points July 2020

Following the announcement in 2018 that the Amala Trust would be closing in May 2020 the Mission Support Team decided last year to look for a successor to Amala Children’s Home. From a shortlist of five, Mission Aviation Fellowship was chosen, approved by the PCC and appointed as our new mission link in December 2019. An outline plan was agreed in February, but with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic it has not been possible to arrange any events until the all clear is given. MST hope to have something in place later on this year.

What does MAF do around the world? In a sentence MAF operates 135 light aircraft reaching 1,400 destinations in 26 countries. Look at the MAF website for more information.  We are being linked up with Papua New Guinea, one of MAF’s first ventures that quickly grew to become their largest operation. This will be a two-way connection, based on prayer and exchange of information. We think that it will be challenging as well as informing and hope that you will learn a lot about mission as well as praying for MAF as they will be praying for us.

Please see a message from Ruth Whitaker CEO MAF-UK

The Peace & Hope Trust

Prayer Point July 2020

The Peace and Hope Trust is a UK based charity with a Christian Ethos. The trust has been working amongst poor and marginalised communities in Nicaragua since it was founded in 1996 by Mike Cole. 

Many volunteers, including several members of St Peter's, have been inspired to help a country that is regulalrly affected by natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and landslides and remains one of the neediest in the Western Hemisphere.

The Trust is active in many areas and although Education & Health are the main priorities there are other areas of work including Humanitarian Aid, Community Building, Medical Teams and Construction projects

Please see the latest newsletter written by Stephen Ind who is the CEO of the Trust. 

Hersham Youth Trust (HYT)

Having accepted that the foodbank had reached a level of stability MST recommended to the PCC that we should invest in the youth of the parish by selecting Hersham Youth Trust (HYT) to be our home link. In 2017, Trustee and Project Leader, Mark Wheatley talked about HYT at the Rogation Sunday 10 o’clock service and encouraged us to consider volunteering at the Youth Club. Those who are interested in volunteering should speak first with a member of MST, or one of the volunteers from St Peter's, Margaret Hicks, Deborah Lock, David Lock, Martin Daniels, Des Humphrey. There are no meetings during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

In November 2020, HYT sent us this report of their status under lockdown.





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