Local Charities & Organisations

Local Charities and Organisations

Walton and Hersham foodbank - www.waltonhersham.foodbank.org.uk

Walsingham Care - www.walsinghamcare.org.uk/

Walton on Thames Charity - www.waltoncharity.org.uk/Walton/WebPages/HomePage.asp

Homes for Hersham - www.homesforhersham.org     We are a group of local people who want to find a better way to create homes. Up and down the country more and more groups are successfully completing projects that provide affordable homes for local people. We think we can do the same in Hersham.
Find out more at the launch event on Thursday 20th June at 7.30pm at Three Rivers Academy, Hersham Road KT12 5PY


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St Peter's Church
Burwood Road
Hersham, Surrey
KT12 4AA

Parish Office

T: 01932 253 452
E: theoffice@stpetershersham.com