At confirmation a young person or adult makes his or her own declaration of faith before God and the Church. Once confirmed, he or she is considered a full adult member of the church and is entitled to receive the bread and wine of Communion.

Before they can do this they naturally need to learn about Christianity. At St Peter’s we generally hold two sets of confirmation classes each autumn. One class is for youngsters (generally around 13 years old) and the other for adults (of any age). The classes usually meet every week for around 10 weeks. They are very informal, involving a mix of some formal teaching, and a great deal of discussion.

The classes lead up to the confirmation service which is usually held at St Peter's or St Mary's, Walton-on-Thames, in alternate years.

There is more information about confirmation on the Church of England web site.

If you are feeling that confirmation might be right for you please contact a member of the clergy.

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